Simple Ways to Get a Gallon of Water in Daily

Why would you necessarily want to do all the work to drink a gallon of water a day? Shouldn’t 8-10 cups of water a day be enough? Here are the changes I saw and felt when I drank a gallon of H2O a day for 30 days. My skin cleared up and glowed. I said goodbye to any dullness in my skin. Less makeup foundation is needed. Mental clarity improved. Less brain fog and more purpose in my day. I was able to use tunnel vision focus and got less distracted and got a ton of work done. Therefore, I cellularly felt more at ease. There was less resistance to do things I didn't feel like doing. You know we all have those things we put off to the last minute and dread doing it but have to anyways. I was able to go to the bathroom regularly. That’s also important. I unexpectedly lost 5 pounds because my body wasn’t hanging onto that extra weight for being in survival mode anymore. It could count on me to keep it hydrated. Lastly, now I smile more often because I feel better. These sound like really huge claims and they’re all true to me. 

Here are some of my water consumption hacks:

  1. Get a gallon size bottle of water. Fill it up before bed. Basically all you need to do is finish that bottle
  2. Drink 8-16 oz before you lay down for the night. Sleep.
  3. When you wake up drink 16 oz. before hopping out of bed.
  4. Everytime you touch your bottle, drink the full 8 oz, no less. :)
  5. Set an alarm every hour on your phone to drink.
  6. Drink 8 oz before and after each meal.
  7. Stay away drink sodas or any sugary beverages. Carbonated water counts. :P

Don’t take my word for it. Give this a try and tell me what’s it like for you. If you already drink a gallon a day, please share your tips and tricks to finish it all in one day.

Our bodies are miraculous machines. If we just spend more time listening and giving it what it needs, it’ll give us back freedom.  

Thanks for sharing your time with me! Remember to shine, balance, and connect!


Jaclyn Nguyen